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At the Bar: Flashback RetroPub

The pixel-powered bliss of a classic arcade gets an alcoholic boost at Flashback RetroPub.


Consider the nature of time. Actually, never mind; that sounds like a potential waste of it, since you presumably already know it can seem malleable or even recursive depending on how much you’re enjoying yourself at any given moment.

And as the calendar winds toward its end, it’s a perfect time to turn back the clock with a visit to Flashback RetroPub – the ’80s-themed watering hole on Film Row is home to a time warp that provides huge enjoyment for anyone who (like me) poured an amazing number of quarters into various arcade machines during childhood. Or beyond.

Flashback is even better than an old-school arcade: not only do classics such as Galaga, Centipede, Rampage, the side-scrolling X-Men and many more beckon on every side, but they’re free to play for bar customers, and that bar is pretty boss. Get inspired by the throwback soundtrack and consider the Thriller, a smooth-sipping concoction that’s fruity but not too sweet, and stronger than it looks without packing too overwhelming a wallop – gotta keep that hand-eye coordination sharp if you’re going to defeat Magneto/Shredder/Donkey Kong/whoever’s at the end of Double Dragon.

Ask bartender Stacey Richardson to whip one up for you as the perfect accompaniment to taking M. Bison to school. Then hold onto it tight and have a killer, diller, chiller, Thriller here tonight. Can you dig it?