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At the Bar: Hatch

Hatch’s spiked coffees elevate an everyday ritual into a wintertime treat.


According to famed psychologist Abraham Maslow, human development ideally should be a process of striving for self-actualization, and the most fundamental, basic needs are physiological – examples of which include air, food, shelter and sleep. For some reason, he neglected to mention coffee, but you can probably pencil it in right about there.

Some might argue that it’s not technically a necessity for life, but (a) yes it is, and (b) considering that oxygen doesn’t smell good and water doesn’t taste good, I could reply that coffee has them both beat. The hot brown nectar remains one of the best ways ever invented to lift the morning clouds – but this is an especially dark and cloudy time of year, so it’s entirely possible you might enjoy adding a little extra oomph to your brew. Fortunately, Hatch, 1101 N Broadway in OKC’s Automobile Alley, has a number of options for giving your coffee an alcoholic kick, and turning a latte into a latt-yay.

Try the Blind Abbot, enhanced with Jameson Irish whiskey and Caffe Borghetti espresso liqueur, or the Café Oh Hey, which has a local connection thanks to its Prairie Wolf Dark coffee liqueur, as well as Patron XO coffee-infused tequila. And if you feel able to withstand going to the other end of the temperature spectrum, the Frigid Baboon is a sweet, icy coffee frappe, loaded with vanilla Stoli, Irish cream, Prairie Wolf Dark and blended bananas.

There is a window in terms of time: Hatch closes at 2 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 4 p.m. on the weekend, and while they open at the crack of dawn (or beforehand, these days), they don’t start serving cocktails until 10 a.m. So if you’re looking for a lunchtime libation, don’t delay … and drink it while it’s hot.