At the Bar: Ludivine’s “I’m Only Sleeping”

Treat yourself to a dreamy Beatles-themed drink


Locavore haven Ludivine is all about culinary craftsmanship, and chefs Russ Johnson and Jonathon Stranger aren’t the only ones who excel at elevating ingredients through experimentation: bar manager Chris Barrett is a practiced hand at drink innovation.

He’s an inveterate music lover, as well – so much so that he and bartender Colby Poulin concocted a spring drinks menu inspired by individual tracks from The Beatles’ magnum opus “Revolver.”

Despite its fruit garnish, this particular beverage isn’t the “Strawberry Fields Forever” – that would be in the offing if they do a followup menu based off “Sgt. Pepper’s.” It’s the base of Lucid brand absinthe (the better for dreamlike states), and a bittersweet twang of Italian aperitif Aperol, that fuel the transcendently delicious “I’m Only Sleeping.”

It and the other Beatles-inspired drinks will be on the Ludivine menu through June. The bartenders may well wake you and shake you eventually if you spend too long in a trance, but until then – pleasant dreams.

I’m Only Sleeping

• Muddled strawberry

• Absinthe

• Aperol

• Lemon juice

• Topped with champagne and a strawberry

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