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At the Bar: Saints Pub

Saints Pub in the Plaza District puts an Emerald Isle spin on a classic cocktail.


The Emerald Isle has its share of horses, and more than a few donkeys have made their way across St. George’s Channel and the Celtic Sea since the 1800s, so it stands to reason that the country is home to at least a couple of their cross-bred offspring. But you needn’t go all the way to Dublin to look for one; you can find a top-notch Irish Mule right here in OKC’s Plaza District by visiting Saints Pub.

There’s nothing equine-specific about this cocktail (save perhaps the kick); it’s a variant of the classic Moscow Mule, which swaps out that beverage’s vodka for the golden purity of Jameson Irish Whiskey. The brand has been around well over 300 years, and its production still uses water from the Dungourney River that flows through the distillery and barley from County Cork. It is, in a real sense, a taste of Ireland.

For the ginger beer, Saints uses its own house-made brew, which is commendable, although if you’re trying to recapture the magic in your own kitchen, Pops in Nichols Hills Plaza carries an impressive array of take-home bottles. Try Cock & Bull; it’s a nice balance of sweetness and bite.

Saints’ cocktail menu is a hefty and wide-ranging one – the Strong Tonic-laced World’s Strongest Man also comes highly recommended – but this is, after all, an Irish pub. The word whiskey actually comes from an old Irish phrase meaning “water of life,” so try a beverage built around it and see if it doesn’t perk you right up.