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At the Bar: The Bijou at O Bar

For a cocktail with complex flavor and a little class, try the Bijou at OKC’s O Bar.

In addition to giving the drink its namesake color and an intriguingly complex flavor, the Chartreuse adds an impressive power boost: it’s packed with herbs and 110 proof. French monks invented this liqueur a couple of hundred years ago and have kept the recipe a secret.

It’s one of those concoctions that gets a lot of PR mileage out of playing up its closely guarded mystery; supposedly only two living souls know the exact mixture and proportions of the 100-plus ingredients. Whatever’s in it, it enlivens a cocktail nicely; ask O Bar’s bartender Mike Rahill
to make you a Bijou, and savor it yourself.

► The Bijou

• 1/3 Chartreuse

• 1/3 Dolan’s Sweet Vermouth

• A dash of orange bitters