At the Bar: The Green Hour at Scratch

Absinthe makes the mouth grow fonder


Don’t let your eyes deceive you: The lusciously complex cocktail called The Green Hour has, in fact, more of a rosy orange hue. The name is a reference to its key ingredient, absinthe, which was so popular in 19th-century French bars that 5 p.m. often was called “l’heure verte,” but in this concoction, the color comes more from the house-made hibiscus grenadine syrup.

Contrary to its often-exaggerated historical reputation, absinthe is not hallucinogenic. It is potent, though, especially in conjunction with Benedictine liqueur and brandy from a specialty distiller in Kentucky. The Green Hour is a carefully balanced recipe, and artful presentation elevates it nicely, so don’t try this at home; head to Scratch on Main Street in Norman and let Kristin Weddendorf make you a glass of magic.

The Green Hour

• Copper & Kings craft brandy

• Benedictine

• Lemon juice

• Hibiscus grenadine

• Seltzer

• Garnish with an “orange rose” and a sprig of rosemary

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