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At the Bar: The Mont

May might be the perfect time to step outside and enjoy a Sooner Swirl on the patio at Norman mainstay The Mont.


To be clear, there are good reasons to visit Norman institution The Mont, 1300 Classen Blvd. in Norman, all the livelong year: The menu is broad, the burgers and enchiladas are good for the taste buds (and the loaded cheese fries are even better) and the slightly worn interior feels welcoming and comfortable. The bar wears its 40-plus years well.

But while you could go anytime, its best days are right about now. One of the pillars of its enduring popularity is the spacious patio, and with Oklahoma’s tendency to lean into summertime temperatures a trifle early, May is generally an exceptional month for soaking up a little sunshine (but not too much; the Mont’s patio is equipped with plenty of table umbrellas and a delightful misting system). Another draw is the ample drinks menu that gives patrons a little refreshment to enjoy on that patio – so whether you prefer to bask alongside a Sea Breeze or Velvet Hammer or simple rum and Coke, the bartenders can give you the right accessory.

A word of advice, though, and one that echoes decades of patrons and the bar itself: Try a Sooner Swirl. The tangy frozen margarita encircled by a stripe of sweet sangria is a house specialty, and a wonderfully delicious concoction to sip over a leisurely conversation. With the weather getting balmier and OU students moving out by Mother’s Day, this is an excellent opportunity to toast the patio life.