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At the Bar: West’s Old-Fashioned Excellence

West in Bricktown offers its take on a truly classic cocktail: the Old Fashioned.


To say that the Old Fashioned has earned its moniker is completely accurate. Not only can the cocktail’s history be traced back more than 200 years, but the earliest uses of the term “cocktail” itself to refer to an alcoholic beverage described this very concoction.

Its few ingredients don’t leave much room for variation, but West puts its own spin on the Old Fashioned by augmenting fine ingredients – including either Woodford Reserve bourbon or Bulleit rye – with fragrant, flavorful bitters crafted in-house. Next time you’re in Bricktown, stop by the new West location on the corner of Sheridan and Mickey Mantle and ask Reese to let you taste why the classics never go out of style.

The West old Fashioned

• Sugar cube

• Cherry and orange bitters

• Garnish with fresh cherry and orange