Photos by Carli Wentworth, Author at 405 Magazine

Photos by Carli Wentworth

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From the Editors

Welcome to the fall 2015 edition of Design Oklahoma, from the ladies who led the efforts to put it together.

Essential Elements

Anchor pieces, heavy furniture and fixtures help define a room, but smaller accent touches give it life – like these

Knock on Wood

The front door is the gateway to the home, but also part of guests’ first impression. Choose hardware that leaves

Cuddle Up

Cooler weather means warmer, thicker clothes in rich colors and fabrics … for people and houses alike, thanks to pillows

Walk on the Warm Side

When the weather outside gets chilly, it helps to have some warm-toned shades incorporated into your home’s décor – here

Tread on Me

Easily overlooked but vitally important to the overall look of a well-designed home, the floor is a canvas too often