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Best-Dressed Tables

This selection of linens can help give your dinner table the perfect crowning touch.


There are so many elements that are essential to a well-set table, but one in particular that can make all the difference – and be the crowning jewel – is a linen or cotton napkin. Even if you have a totally neutral table, the napkin can make the mood of it. A bright green one can give a sense of fresh casualness, just as a well-placed (and ironed) blue with intricate white stitching can imbue the setting with a more elegant feel. While warmer days and nights are still a part of our entertaining, get out or go and acquire a nice set to add that finishing touch to your table.

(left to right)

Lithuanian linen napkins in navy and gray, $25 from Sara Kate Studios


(left to right)

Copeland napkin with green stitching, $6 // Copeland napkin with yellow stitching, $6 both from Emory Anne Interiors

Deborah Rhodes tan napkin with white stripe, $31 from Bebe’s



Busatti blue and white and yellow and white stripe napkins, $20 from Bebe’s


(left to right)

Fretwork blue napkin with white stitching, $38 // Deborah Rhodes green napkin, $31 both from Bebe’s