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Big Challenges, Wonderful Opportunities

A look at the difficulties, victories, scientific advancements and caring individuals focused on women’s health in central Oklahoma.

Given all the energetic health initiatives out there, central Oklahoma loves women.

AS A GROUP, OKLAHOMA WOMEN HAVE SOME OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME in pursuit of the goal of enjoying a healthy, vibrant life. Cervical cancer rates are higher than the national average, and more women with the disease end up dying from it, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. About 34 percent of Oklahoma women have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, in contrast to 28 percent across the country. Nearly 35 percent deal with arthritis – about 5 percent more than the rest of the nation.

But more encouraging statistics do exist. While breast cancer rates are barely higher than the national average, deaths from the disease are lower – a good sign for the quality of our medical community.