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Bits Bites: Patty Wagon

In a word: beef.

In a word: beef. In two words: seriously, beef.

The Patty Wagon is a brand-spankin’ new burger joint (its previous incarnation was as a food truck) at 3600 N May, which is just south of NW 36th on the east side of May. In fact, it’s so new – it opened last Tuesday – that I found it by spotting the orange-and-white truck outside rather than a big sign out front. It’s so new the “OPEN” signs in the doors are hand-drawn on white paper. It’s so new that while I was waiting for my to-go order one of the staffers handed me a paper cup and said “Hey, try this Lime Freeze; we’re still working on the recipe but I think it’s close.”

Actually, that might be due more to friendliness than newness – they’re a jovial bunch. And that Lime Freeze is going to be gooood when they finish tweaking it.

In the meantime, beef. The place prides itself on using top-quality locally raised cow, and it really shows. I deliberately avoided some of the more flavor-added menu selections and got a straightforward double cheeseburger, so while I can only vouch for the no-frills option, they crushed it: the patties had a little char outside, a light pink center and really good flavor, the bun suffered a bit from traveling but was nice and dense and I could actually taste the horseradish in the mayo (okay, I got one frill). I was leery about the fries because they’re extremely thick-cut, which makes them easy to undercook and end up with a soggy waste of potato – but I shouldn’t have worried, since these turned out to be thoroughly well done. Much like the rest of the meal, aha ha. (Booooo!)

I had the place virtually to myself at 11:30 on a Wednesday, but don’t expect that to last: I have a feeling Patty Wagon is going to get busy in a hurry once enough people become converts and start telling their friends. Maybe we can all get our heads together and iron out that Lime Freeze recipe.

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