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Bring the Heat

A quick, tasty Mexican fusion lunch or an unhurried examination of tequila’s finer points – Yucatan Taco Stand gives the Bricktown landscape an exceptional summertime stopover.

GIVEN THAT WINTER TOOK ITS SWEET TIME RECEDING THIS YEAR, it’s even more enjoyable than usual to luxuriate under a patio umbrella in the blazing sun, sipping a complicated beverage and digesting a Latin fusion feast while idly watching people wander along the water’s edge. And the best part is that this particular Eden-esque afternoon doesn’t require a trip to Cancun; merely to Bricktown, home of the Yucatan Taco Stand Tequila Bar and Grill. By August we may be longing for a touch of chill, but as spring swells into summer, this perch over the canal serves as an ideal place to make taste while the sun shines.

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