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10 Metro Chicken Salad Dishes You Need to Try

Chicken salad sandwiches are a year-round treat that’s very delicious in the summer months, with cold chicken, crisp veggies and soft bread.

Curried chicken salad at 30th Street Market

Chicken salad sandwiches are a year-round treat that’s very delicious in the summer months, with cold chicken, crisp veggies and soft bread.

There are a few possible reactions to chicken salad, but most of us fall into two camps: 1. Give me all of it; or 2. Why are you ruining chicken? For the former, a chicken salad sandwich is a year-round treat that’s especially delicious in the summer months, with cold chicken, crisp veggies and soft bread — not too heavy, not too light. It’s great for picnics, poolside and grab and-go, too. Basically, it’s the versatile Goldilocks of sandwiches. While many families have their own recipes, you can also find delicious variations all around the 405.

30th Street Market, 407 NW 30th St., OKC

A few spots in central Oklahoma serve a curried chicken salad — originally coronation chicken from England — a variation with just enough heat to make your mouth tingle a bit without ever being overwhelming. Andrea Koester’s version at 30th Street Market is an excellent example, and you can snag tubs to go in the grab-and-go section.

Bee Healthy Cafe, beehealthycafe.com

With locations all around Edmond, the urban core and south OKC, it’s easy to try the classic pecan chicken salad at Bee Healthy. It’s served with parmesan and a raspberry vinaigrette, adding layers of flavor, texture and comfort.

Cafe 7, 14101 N. May Ave., OKC

J. Mays and Chris Kana have been slinging chicken salad since they opened Cafe 7 in 2008 — it turns 15 in November. Mays said the chicken salad will always be on the menu, as the regulars love it so much it can’t come off. The presence of Craisins and walnuts adds texture and tanginess to the creamy salad.

The Cellar Cafe, 2915 N. Classen Blvd., OKC

Tucked into the basement of a nondescript building on Classen, The Cellar Cafe is about as close as you’ll get to a hidden gem in the digital age. Chef Cory Lawson is usually focused on catering, but he serves lunch most weekdays, and the chicken salad is a specialty. It’s a massive portion, and he tosses in ramekins of spiced almonds and goat cheese crumbles if you want to amp up the flavor.

Harvey Bakery and Kitchen, 301 NW 13th St., OKC

The most important thing to note here is that the bread is always freshly baked in Chef Alyssa Ulrich’s kitchen, so the quality of the sandwich is immediately elevated. The use of golden raisins makes it a touch sweet, and the addition of pecans adds some lovely texture and nuttiness.

Krell’s East Coast Style Deli, 2121 S. Yukon Pkwy., Yukon

One of Yukon’s newest concepts is from the chef genius mind of Jonathan Krell, of Patrono fame. His take on a Jewish deli includes the delicious usual suspects, including a very traditional chicken salad sandwich on wheat berry bread.

The Metro Wine Bar and Bistro, 6418 N. Western Ave., OKC

It’s likely that LaVeryl Lower’s curried chicken salad has been on the menu longer than any other in the metro, and rightly so. It’s served salad-style on greens, but pros know to use the delicious rolls to make chicken salad sliders.

Petro Deli, 100 N. Broadway Ave., OKC

Located on the ground floor of the Chase Tower, this lunchtime hot spot for the business crowd has quietly served one of the best sandwiches in OKC for years. A sister restaurant with Petroleum Club — thus the name — Petro Deli is a counter-service concept where you’ll find a massive, stellar chicken salad sandwich made in a straightforward savory style.

Richey’s Grill, 210 Park Ave., OKC

Another ground-floor restaurant for the business crowd, Richey’s has been serving classic American and Lebanese food for breakfast and lunch for years. The food is prepared fresh, with hearty portion sizes. The chicken salad — get it on greens or bread — is about as classic as a version gets.

The Stuffed Olive Cafe and Catering, 12215 S. Penn Ave., OKC

The OMG Chicken Salad is another straightforward entry in the list, but for the addition of a wonderful basil vinaigrette that gives the sandwich a delightfully zippy herbal edge. It’s served on toasted wheat, and you might as well ask for a little extra vinaigrette for dipping.