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Creating Your Innovation Engine

Looking to fuel your own innovative spirit?

Looking to fuel your own innovative spirit? Here’s a 10-question Innovation Engine to get your gears going.

Innovation means to create something new or improve something that already exists, dramatically. 

Tesla is an innovation to traditional gas vehicles. 

Uber is an innovation to the traditional taxi system.

Netflix is an innovation to cable TV and movies in general. 

Amazon innovated ordering and distribution. 

And on and on. 

That is why these types of founders are called innovators. They have improved something dramatically in a way that is brand new to our expectations. And innovation is not solely for Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos but is free for everyone who has vision and initiative. 

For almost a decade, I lived in Atlanta and then London. As we were evaluating where to move back to in the United States, we chose Oklahoma over Denver, D.C., Atlanta or Nashville. My kids wanted to be closer to their friends and family. My rationale came down to the types of people that lived here – pioneers. 

While we might not have the most innovation per capita compared to other cities, we do have leaders with a “who says we can’t” mindset – Oklahoma innovators with a pioneering spirit. 

So, what is your innovation? What is your vision for something to improve?

My innovation is on creating a better way to do leader development globally to cynical adults. My son and I are also working on a better way to train parents of 13-to-18-year-old kids – better than the current models. We have a vision to raise up liberators in every city and sector. 

If you want a practical way to find out what your vision or innovation could be, I have created an Innovation Engine that allows you to ask the right questions to get the right outcomes.

  1. What do you think needs improvement? (Innovation)
  2. Why does it need to improve?
  3. How does it need to improve? (Get specific)
  4. Who else is doing something like this and how is your innovation different?
  5. How will your innovation affect others?
  6. Who are your allies to help you?
  7. How will your innovation help the world?
  8. What will this innovation do for you?
  9. What is keeping you from doing it?
  10. Who says you can’t?

Innovation can be small as much as it can be large. It can be an innovation in your family or your personal life as much as it can be inside your business or to the market at large. The key is to take the time to answer the right questions to get to the improvements that can change the world for the good.  

Jeremie Kubicek is an innovator and founder of numerous companies such as GiANT, billion, Six Summers, Culture Wins and others. He is an author and speaker and lives in Arcadia at the Prairie at Post, which he co-developed.