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Deep in the Paint

  To any artist, a blank canvas is an invitation to create.

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To any artist, a blank canvas is an invitation to create.


This has been the motto for those who have participated in the Rollin’ Deep Mural Festival over the past decade. Since 2010, local muralists have taken to barren walls and designed masterpieces amid spectators and live music. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the first festival; a milestone worth commemorating in a grand, vibrant way. 


On Nov. 7, gather at several locations in Downtown Edmond to watch 13 artists paint 4,700 square feet of murals celebrating the creative culture of Oklahoma. These numerous locations include the following:


  1. West wall of 15 E. 1st Street
  2. West walls of 15 South Broadway and 10 W. 1st Street
  3. East wall of 17 W. 1st Street
  4. East wall of 8 South Broadway

From 12 – 6 p.m., attendees can enjoy the live music of the open-air mural festival while practicing social distancing. In partnership with the Edmond Visual Arts Commission, this mural festival will promote local tourism while giving spectators and drivers a piece of what makes Oklahoma so eye-catching.