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Designer Jewelry Made in the OKC Metro

Never underestimate the power of the perfect piece of jewelry.

Jennifer Woods

JW Jewelry and Home

Never underestimate the power of the perfect piece of jewelry. It can elevate the style and interest of any outfit. It can reflect a woman’s personality or mood. Luckily for us, Oklahoma is home to many talented jewelry designers. Here we spotlight five whose creations range from dazzling to over-the-top and nature-inspired to pop culture-influenced.

  • Petra Germany finds inspiration from the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and history for her jewelry, costume design, and prop art for gamers, geeks, and cosplayers. As the Skirvin Hilton Hotel’s Artist-in-Residence, she’s creating costumes and props in her studio space at the Skirvin through January.
Valerie Naifeh
Naifeh Fine Jewelry
  • Valerie Naifeh has a passion for custom designand realized early on that jewelry is art. She loves how it becomes a meaningful part of her customers’ stories. She won her first major award in 1990, which gave her theconfidence to open her own store. Alongwith custom work, Naifeh Fine Jewelry in Nichols Hills Plaza features jewelry by more than 20 well-known designers.
  • Brittany Jacobs, owner of Moth Wing Metal Works, describes her designs as jewelry with rock ‘n’ roll soul. She started her online business in 2018, though she’s been making jewelry for a decade. Her favorite materials are turquoise, pyrite, onyx, and sterling silver. Since her designs require a strong hand, she often uses a torch and hammer to make something beautiful.
  • Stella Thomas likes to bring out the beauty of a woman with jewelry that’s big, bold, and capable of making a statement. She wants everyone’s eyes on the woman. Thomas uses natural materials such as water buffalo horns and porcupine quills that have been sanded and polished. She believes there’s beauty everywhere; and she enjoys taking something beautiful and making it more beautiful. A Stella Thomas Designs store is in Stillwater.

    Stella Thomas
    Stella Thomas
  • Jennifer Woods taught herself jewelry making about 20 years ago and now has her own store, JW Jewelry and Home, in the Paseo Arts District. She’s inspired by nature, the ever-changing landscape and the green pastures that stretch across the state. Woods likes modern designs and often repurposes tired and old pieces into new styles. Much of her work features stones with metal accents or mixed metals.