Dessert, of Course

Finishing touches for excellent meals
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Formal five-course or seven-course dinners are not exactly the norm in these days. But while the concept can potentially be intimidating, thoughtfully planned menus can provide intriguing ways to break up and pace a meal.

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Aperitifs and hors d’oeuvres or “starters” are a great way to begin a meal … however, the dessert course is unabashedly one of my favorites. One of my most cherished things to do when entertaining is to clear the table (leave washing the dishes for later after everyone has gone) and bring in a lovely dessert and a special place setting for the occasion. This signals comfort and relaxation. Pour a dessert wine or a bourbon and then bring on the sweets.  


It doesn’t have to be fussy; it doesn’t even have to be homemade. Whether it is a tart from a local bakery, a small bowl of berries with heavy cream or something you have spent some extra time on, this cherry on top of the evening is a great way to linger at the table and enjoy your company. And if there is enough for seconds, by all means. continue on.  


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