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Dirty Chai You’ve Got To Try

Liven up your chai latte with these OKC drinks.

Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Liven up your chai latte with these OKC drinks.

Like so many common food and beverage origin stories, the origin of dirty chai is a bit of a mystery, but the go-to narrative is of a London barista who accidentally poured a shot of espresso into a chai latte, much to the chagrin and then pleasure of the customer. It’s a good story; it might even be true. What matters, though, is that the combination of tea, espresso and milk is a delicious means of getting your morning (or afternoon) dose of caffeine. The presence of (hopefully) house-made chai syrup guarantees that the beverage is much more complex and interesting than the whipped cream-laden sugar bombs that are the signature of too many coffee shops. Here are 10 Dirty Chai You Should Try Now around the 405.

1. Cafe Evoke, 103 S. Broadway, Edmond

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything this Edmond shop doesn’t do well. Its dirty chai latte is creamy and subtle, with just the right hints of spice.

2. Clarity Coffee, 431 W. Main St., OKC

No surprise here. The Main St. coffee shop already makes the best pumpkin spice latte in the city, so why not a dirty chai latte, too? It has all the flavor and quality we’ve come to expect from Clarity.

3. Classen Coffee Company, 2515 N. Classen Blvd., OKC

This one was the slam-dunk winner in our informal taste contest. The combination of slightly sweet, slightly bitter, creaminess and spicy redolence is in perfect balance at this Asian District coffee shop.

4. Harvey Bakery & Kitchen, 301 NW 13th St., OKC

The NW 13th bakery is a destination right now, especially on Saturday mornings. It seems pastry chef Alyssa Ulrich can’t make anything that doesn’t taste delicious, so it’s good that the coffee program is also excellent, including the dirty chai latte.

5. Landing Coffee Company, 229 E Sheridan Ave., OKC

Don’t let the location inside a church stop you. No one is going to make you sing. It’s just a smart use of space during the week, and the dirty chai latte is worth the trip to Bricktown.

6. Neighborhood Jam, 525 NW 11th St., OKC

Edmond, Norman, Midtown and soon to be everywhere it seems, this breakfast and brunch concept from Hal Smith Restaurant Group does morning beverages exceptionally well, including the dirty chai latte.

7. Neon Coffee, 1742 NW 16th St., OKC

The aptly named Magnificent Chai at this underappreciated Plaza District spot is not hyperbole. Not sure what we need to add.

8. Sincerely Coffee Roasters, 1325 N. Walker Ave., OKC

Midtown has plenty of coffee options, but you won’t find a better dirty chai latte in the district than this one. Owner Ian Flemming is committed to approachable, delicious coffee and tea, and it shows.

9. Stitch Cafe, 835 W. Sheridan Ave., OKC

You’re thinking, “Why would I go to Stitch and not get the horchata latte?” It’s a good thought, so get both and go halfsies with whomever you love or like.

10. Willow Coffee Company, 321 N. Oklahoma Ave., OKC

It’s one of the newest additions to the urban core. The Deep Deuce coffee shop is an up-and-comer, with excellent customer service and a very good dirty chai.