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Dream Fulfilled

Fleeing Vietnam inspired Dr.

Fleeing Vietnam inspired Dr. Dan Nguyen to become a doctor. Now, his practice is one of the few in the region specializing in specific kinds of pain management care. 

Dr. Dan Nguyen, Neuroradiology & Pain Services of Oklahoma medical director, sees 150 patients a week at his private practice pain management clinic.

That’s a fulfillment of a dream that started when he was a young boy in Vietnam. 

“My passion for medicine began when I was very young,” he said. “When my family was fleeing Vietnam, I witnessed not only extreme pain and suffering as people were forced to quickly flee their homes, but also the selflessness and determination from doctors that came to help. I was amazed at their role in healing others, and this quickly grew into my lifelong passion which I carry with me every day.”

The Harvard and Georgetown-educated Nguyen served as the Chief of Neuroradiology at Georgetown University Hospital, the Chief of Neuroradiology at Penn State Health and was the president of the American Society of Spine Radiology. He started his practice almost five years ago, after moving to Oklahoma.

“After visiting with a friend that lived in Oklahoma and seeing the Asian community that is present here, the communication barrier that is present between patients and their providers, and the limited treatment options that are available for patients with chronic pain, I wanted to utilize my knowledge and skills to better educate patients on available treatment options and establish better communication between healthcare providers and patients,” he said. 

And he has. He sees hundreds of patients each month for pain issues, and his clinic is one of the few specialized placed in the region that treat patients with Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks in their head and spine, often restoring their quality of life after years of chronic and debilitating pain.

Nguyen said the new Greater OKC Asian Chamber of Commerce is a huge achievement for the Asian-owned business community to provide collaboration and elevation of the community, as well as mentorship and networking. 

“Within any cultural or ethnic group, there is always a richness of community when people can come together, share their backgrounds and learn from others,” he said. “Having an Asian Chamber will not only continue to provide Asian entrepreneurs and businesses with a platform where they can connect with others, but it is also a way to guarantee that our voices our heard.

Nguyen is already involved with the chamber, and he has been active in events in the Asian Districts, like the free health clinics. 

“Being involved in the Asian Chamber will ensure that Asian businesses can continue to develop programs and initiatives that can not only support future endeavors but also continually fulfilling the needs of our community and sharing our story with others,” he said. “I am excited to see the vast diversity of Asian business owners and leaders come together to work towards connecting, growing, and enhancing Asian businesses here in Oklahoma City.