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Editor’s Picks

Explore these fun finds to add a special decorative touch to your home.


Our intrepid editors scour the metro for fun finds to add that special touch to your home.


1. Turquoise bench from In Your Dreams

2.  Sasha Nicholas monogrammed fruit bowl from Tulips

3.  Jonathan Adler Pop Turquoise decanter from Culinary Kitchen

4.  White ceramic urchin box from Bella Vici

5.  Sasha Nicholas monogrammed platter from Tulips

6.  White shell from 30A Home

7.  AVF Fearless tray from Culinary Kitchen

8. Oklahoma hardwood coasters from Rust and Rot

9. Small barn beam lamp from Rust and Rot

10. Urchin shell baubles from Bella Vici

11. Cheese board with leather strap from Rust and Rot

12. Sasha Nicholas monogrammed dinner plate from Tulips

13. Glass container of shells from 30A Home

14. Blob vase from Culinary Kitchen

15. Santa Rosa candles from In Your Dreams

16. Round post lamp from Rust and Rot

17. Claude tea towels from Culinary Kitchen

18. Sasha Nicholas monogrammed napkin rings from Tulips

19. Regina Andrew Home Philosophy puzzle table from Bella Vici