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A Home Well Lived-In

The Kellys create their own space for new memories.

Highlighting the 21-foot ceilings is the Kuzco Lighting Chute pendant, which serves as both a light source and a sculptural work of art.

The Kellys create their own space for new memories.

Erin Kelly remembers the first meal she and her husband, Mark, shared in their newly constructed home. Two long years of planning and purchasing had come to fruition. Everything was perfectly placed, in pristine condition.

“We were sitting, eating dinner, and Mark said, ‘Gosh, I feel so anxious,’ and I was like, ‘I do too!’” Kelly said with a laugh about that confessional moment. “Immediately, we started touching everything; we didn’t want any of it to feel too precious.”

The Kellys agreed to stop worrying and start living. After all, one of their goals for their new Edmond home was “no wasted space,” according to Kelly. Having two young daughters and a puppy helped.

Photos by Sarah Strunk

Erin Kelly’s geometric vision for the dining room was realized through vertical wall paneling, one of many carpentry marvels found throughout the home.
The curvy, sculpted lines of the kitchen banquet make this nook extra inviting.

With building plans underway, the Kellys had partnered with interior designer Meghan Cates of Meghan Cates Design Studio to create a home that was beautiful but practical. Kelly had several inspirations saved from Pinterest, and Cates had the expertise to execute.

“God help designers these days, because I’m sure Pinterest is the bane of their existence,” Kelly said.

The City Maps wallpaper by Rifle and Co. in the girls’ bathroom pairs perfectly with the vanity in Sherwin-Williams’ Blue Peacock.

When it comes to online finds, Cates said she often helps clients edit and focus — drilling down on only the best ideas and locking in (rather than scrolling for more ideas) once design decisions are finalized.

“I feel like Erin already had such a vision for this home,” Cates said. “She had all these awesome ideas… [I was] just making sure that they were all cohesive with the materials, lighting and paint colors — things like that.”

A favorite perch for the family Aussie-doodle, the Lennon Bed from Arhaus makes the primary bedroom feel light and airy.
The kitchen features Piatto Pendant lighting from Visual Comfort and Portinari marble, installed to seamlessly carry from the backsplash to the ledge wall.

The Edmond home showcases Scandinavian modern design in a welcoming way. Custom carpentry, saturated colors and geometric details flow throughout the home, almost luring visitors from one symmetrical space to the next.

“We’re both science nerds, and we like symmetry,” Kelly said. She is a physician, and Mark Kelly is a dentist. “[The balance] just makes you feel good.”

The foyer’s floating staircase, which aligns perfectly with the window, blends elegance and functionality.

Cates said the home’s overall warmth accurately reflects Erin Kelly’s friendly persona. The two became close friends during the design-and-build collaboration, blending their ideas and navigating hiccups together. And of course, there were a few.

“Construction is not perfect — ever,” said Cates.

Kelly advises anyone building a home to have patience and understanding.

“Keep in the back of your head that everyone wants the same end result,” she said. “Everyone wants a great product. Everyone wants a place that you’re really happy with.”

Sparrow wallpaper tops off this dreamy bedroom, designed for the Kellys’ twin daughters.
In the primary bathroom, black tile contrasts beautifully with golden plumbing fixtures and wooden slats.

The Kelly family is all thrilled with this end result: a family home that is becoming more and more well-lived-in every day.

“People talk about their dream home, and for us, this is so much more than that,” Kelly said. “It’s the place where we plan to make our lives’ memories. There’s something so sweet when we put the girls to sleep and we’re sitting down here, watching TV, before bedtime. You hear the little pitter-patter of feet across the ceiling upstairs.”

Sometimes, Kelly said, those little feet come to the wooden slats dividing the stairs from the living room. “I love you,” the girls whisper before running back to bed. The family is making this new home their very own — practically perfect in every way.