Entertaining 101: Flower Fetes

Looking ahead to botanical pleasures
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With the thaw of wintry weather coming on and the promise of spring in our future, there’s no better time than the present to think about entertaining in the warmer months. Even if the flowers aren’t in full bloom quite yet, that doesn’t mean they can’t be on your table, in your home or even in your cocktails.  

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Edible flowers and spirits infused with botanicals are a great way to up your game in the drinks department. There are many options, from floating a flower on top of your drink (don’t forget to ensure that the flower is edible) or submerging a blossom, such as a hibiscus, beneath a pour of prosecco or champagne. It’s an easy way to wow your guests with a welcome hint of spring.   

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Try coating a slice of lemon in lavender to go on top of a cool glass of lemonade – perhaps spiked with a little lavender-infused vodka – or maybe just a simple gin and tonic with a pansy ice cube to add a little flair to the otherwise modest drink.  

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There are endless possibilities that don’t require a lot of prep time on your end. The signature drink I’m looking forward to the most this spring is a grapefruit- and rose-infused vodka with soda … with a small rosebud and slice of grapefruit, please!


Glasses from Tulips, 570 Buchanan in Norman, and private collection


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