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Favorite Things: Live Boho

Maggie Mcmillan of eclectic boutique Live Boho walks us through some of her favorite things.


Falling “down the rabbit hole” isn’t always a completely positive thing – just ask Alice about some of the craziness she endured in Wonderland – but here, it is nothing but good. Wide-eyed as soon as you enter Live Boho, located off the service road at 3721 S I-35 in OKC, you feel like you have fallen into someplace special, plus you can definitely get a little lost as you wind through the store, since everything is something you want to stop and focus on. One particular thing might catch your eye first, but then, if you are patient, you’ll see there is definitely more … not a single foot of space is wasted in this delight of a store.

In 2014, Live Boho was born out of a love for interior design by mother-daughter team Maggie Mcmillan and Gayle Ballard. Maggie’s husband Tony is an artist who makes custom pieces for the store and for clients. With a heart for unique items (at great price points), vintage finds and merchandise from large market lines and local artisans, the store is full of surprises. Mcmillan says, “Live Boho literally started as a lifestyle: ‘live bohemian.’ Buy what you love and love what you buy. It’s a mix of classic items, as well as mid-century and Boho and farmhouse. There are no rules in this store, and if you are looking for something, chances are it’s here or we can find it for you.”

“No rules” applies here 100 percent, and while you may feel like you are Alice and have found retail dreamland, well, sometimes dreams come true. 


(clockwise from top)

Modern blue and white ginger jar, $44 “I love blue and white ginger jars and vases because they’re classic and never go out of style.” // Mongolian lamb fur throw, $75 “I’m obsessed with the Mongolian lamb fur throw because it adds texture to anything … literally anything!” // Aidan Gray mid-century modern chair, $495 “The lines are simple and it’s so chic.”


(left to right)

 T-shirts, $20 “I love our T-shirt line because we love to represent ‘Oklahoma proud.’” // (right) Volcano Capri Blue candle, $26 “The volcano scent from our Capri Blue line of candles has been my favorite for 20 years; its strong and distinct aroma lasts and lingers forever.”


(clockwise from top) 

Wooden beaded Boho chandelier, $250 “This Bohemian beaded chandelier adds an organic feel to a space that’s warm and feminine.” //  Leopard print cowhide rug, $250 “I’m obsessed with patterned, printed cowhides, like this leopard print one, because it’s a classic pattern and adds a chic style that looks both elegant and eclectic.” // Blue vase, $30; Botanical stems from $8 “These botanical stems add color and whimsy to dull spaces, [and] I love this tall blue vase for the height and simplicity.”