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Fortune Feimster Takes Stand-Up to OKC

Fortune Feimster, debut star of NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2010, is taking the stage in OKC this fall.

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Photo by Matt Misisco

Fortune Feimster, debut star of NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2010, is taking the stage in OKC this fall. With a dazzling Netflix special Sweet & Salty, Feimster’s success led to the creation of her current show, 2 SWEET 2 SALTY. This national tour merely adds to the comedian’s accolades, as she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central, and Sirius XM Radio. On September 30th, Feimster’s newest material will be showcased at the Criterion in Bricktown at 8 p.m.

A stellar performer with jokes that leave an impact, Feimster was also nominated for the “Best Comedy Special” by the Critics Choice Awards. Her wit doesn’t end with performance art, though. In fact, Feimster went on to co-write two comedy pilots for ABC, one of which was produced by Tina Fey. 

With such a heart for making people laugh, it’s no surprise that Feimster is filled with gratitude. “Most days I wake up happy, and I know what a gift that is because not everyone is that lucky,” she said, emphasizing that the basis of finding joy in the simple things leads her day-to-day lifestyle. Her interest in humor began while watching The Carol Burnett Show with her grandmother — a well-mannered woman who let her silly side show during those treasured moments. 

In terms of her career, Feimster follows the mantra to lead with your best foot forward, saying, “My grandmother would be upset if it was any other way. I’m trying to live a life that I can be proud of, and to do a job that I love is the icing on the cake.” 

Despite her enormous successes, Feimster didn’t plan on pursuing a career in comedy. She was a journalist in Los Angeles at the age of 23, where the majority of her motivation came from interviews with Betty White and Julie Andrews. With being a “fly on the wall in Hollywood, adjacent to what [she would] end up doing,” Feimster was able to watch the inner workings of what would soon become her chance to “never lose that excitement.” With such a high demand of content in the world of stand-up, Feimster stated, “You have ten different jobs in comedy, so you are always hustling and crafting material.” From voicing movie characters to writing herself into TV shows, Fortune Feimster does more than simply hustle. “It becomes inherent in your life to figure out a way to work, and as your career grows, the mentality comes with you.” 

With a Netflix special entirely dedicated to Fortune Feimster’s persona, she expressed her elation at the opportunities that arose once people resonated with it. As her 2 Sweet 2 Salty tour makes its way to Oklahoma City, Feimster is thrilled to showcase her new content that she created after the tour was suspended due to the pandemic. Amidst all the versatile and talented comics in the business, Fortune Feimster stays on her own path: “I don’t know how to be anything other than myself.”

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