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Giving Style the Spotlight in the 405

    New York City and Los Angeles may immediately come to mind when thinking about fashion, music and commercial stylists, but let's not overlook what's in our own backyard.

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New York City and Los Angeles may immediately come to mind when thinking about fashion, music and commercial stylists, but let’s not overlook what’s in our own backyard. Oklahoma City has its share of skilled stylists who bring a visual element that cannot be undervalued.

Some work with personal clients to polish a wardrobe while embracing individuality.  Others are an asset to companies and publications that want viewers, readers and customers to identify with their brand, message and vision. They can even help elevate food and fashion photography, set the tone for a music video, define a room or enhance a professional’s image.

Here’s a look at five stylists leaving their mark in the 405 and beyond.Here’s a look at five stylists leaving their mark in the 405 and beyond.


Philip Washington, who admits to always having been sartorially expressive, in signature clothing. @philipryan___


0521 03 Fashion Influencer 001 Philip

“After bouncing from coast to coast working as a stylist, runway production assistant and modeling agent, I decided to resettle in Oklahoma to bring my knowledge, expertise and experience home,” says Philip Washington, owner of PRIM Management.

“I feel the deepest gratitude to my passion when I help people see clothes in new ways and find new ways to see themselves,” Washington says, adding that there is no better feeling than watching someone truly seeing themselves reflected in a mirror for the first time – the way the people who love them see them, the way they feel inside – and seeing them welling with confidence and strength.


Amber Foster in Society Muse top, pants, belt and necklace from Mode. @thrownokc


0521 03 Fashion Influencer 005 Amber

As a lifestyle and environment stylist and owner of Thrown by Covet House, Amber Foster strives to create aesthetically pleasing scenes. Whether it’s a music video – she’s styled two and hopes to do more – or setting a table for a dinner party, it is important for her to create and tell a story. The clothing and accessories selected to be worn and the space they are in play such an important role in that, Foster said.

“The right color or pattern can really help bring a song to life, in the same way it can give you the confidence to walk into a job interview or kill it in a photoshoot. Being able to give your audience a visual they can connect to is everything. Styling to me is simply setting the mood and keeping it fun. 

“I always approach my work with the goal in mind to make my client feel comfortable and confident, so that their best self can shine through.”


Anna Frost in head wrap and ASOS pants from Library; sweater and belt from Cult 70 Threads; Sugar Thrills shoes from Dolls Kill; and necklaces from Dig It. @annajfrost


0521 03 Fashion Influencer 002 Anna

Anna Frost says the best part of her job is helping clients develop their personal style and become more confident with their taste level. “I hate it when people say, ‘That looks good on you, but I could never pull that off.’ Pulling something off has more to do with how you feel than how you look. I want everyone I work with to have the confidence to wear what they want. If you like it, wear it.”

The co-owner of Library, a fashion subscription rental service and store, describes her personal style as a business Bratz doll. “I like proportions and shapes. I’m a pretty small person, but I like to take up space; I do that with big shoes and big sunglasses. I like lots of chains and a ring on every finger. Faux fur coats and platforms are my guilty pleasures, except I don’t feel guilty about it at all – I feel great about it! And pants, I love pants.”


Samia Moses wearing Lechuza Blanca Vintage tie-dye dress from Dig It. @samiamosescreative


0521 03 Fashion Influencer 003 Samia

Moses’s first goal always is to learn clients’ desires and what mood, message or story they want to tell. She approaches work from a small business perception, and that often translates to doing it all, from dressing and styling to art direction and production. It’s not just what they’re wearing, she said; it’s all about the message.

“I just like working with photographers, families and businesses and bringing them together,” says Moses, owner of Samia Moses Creative.

She’s connects all pieces for work – and does that with her personal style, too, but that usually includes a statement piece such as a knockout jumpsuit, great accessory, glasses or handbag.


Eureka Calhoun’s outfit features a Greylin top and Scotch & Soda satin pants both from rosegold. @velvetlope


0521 03 Fashion Influencer 004

As a wardrobe stylist and image consultant, Eureka Calhoun believes creativity and self-expression through style are sacred. Both play a part in life’s purpose, she says. “The foundation of my work is grounded in inspiring someone to be intentional with their personal style; that will allow them to embody a new mindset to pursue a fuller sense of life.”

Calhoun, whose personal style is free-spirited, eclectic and colorful, said she provides a road map of sorts that guides people away from downplaying or de-emphasizing their exterior.  As owner of Velvet Lope Styling, she has relocated from Oklahoma City to the Dallas area, but most of her clients are still in the 405.