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Go for the Bold

High-contrast designs dominate the Herritt family home in Nichols Hills.

Photos by Brandon Smith

High-contrast designs dominate the Herritt family home in Nichols Hills.

When it’s time for a redesign, defining one’s personal style is essential. Interior designer Hannah Sutter often kicks off projects by sharing a variety of inspirational images to initiate such discussions. Questions get tossed around: What are your favorite colors? Are you drawn to traditional rooms, or do you prefer something more contemporary or modern? What do you envision for your home?

However, for Robert and Brittany Herritt, this step wasn’t necessary. Their style was pretty well set.

“I told Hannah if designers Kelly Wearstler and Caitlin Wilson had a baby, that would be my design style,” Brittany Herritt said. “I love a traditional home with a modern, colorful punch, for sure.”

Photos by Brandon Smith

Referencing the aesthetics often showcased by these two popular interior designers meant Sutter had to balance the bold with the beautiful. Sutter says Wearstler is known for layering natural elements together in a funky and curated way. On the other hand, she says Wilson has a “more tame, sweeter and preppier design style” with lots of color.

In the end, Sutter blended bright hues, natural stones and unexpected design details throughout the Herritt home. The project was a welcome departure from the softer, tamer and more neutral-driven designs most clients request.

Photos by Brandon Smith

“It’s probably been one of my most favorite projects I’ve gotten to work on,” Sutter said. “They were like, ‘The louder the better’ whenever it came to patterns and color, so it was fun.” 

The remodel included creating a better layout for the core of the home, specifically reconfiguring the entry and kitchen. The entry was quite large while the kitchen was not — so Sutter shifted square footage from one space to the other. The renovations needed to check a lot of boxes.

Photos by Brandon Smith

“We needed a more livable house for our growing family,” Herritt said. “Working from home, I needed to find somewhere to add a home office. [Also] the kitchen was small, and the bathrooms were original and somewhat falling apart.”  

Sutter improved the layout while layering in elements she notes as “extra funky, bright or a bit loud.” Black and white themes flow throughout the home, while wallpapers, pillows and drapery provide color and interest. The Herritts’ unique art collection fits right in.

Photos by Brandon Smith

“Hannah did a great job bringing our art collection to life within the house,” Herritt said. She and Robert have enjoyed collecting art throughout the years — when they lived in Fort Worth, during travels and while visiting Arizona, Brittany’s home state. 

Bold designs include the entry, which features Schumacher Queen of Spain wallpaper, black trim and white-and-gray marble tile. The hall bathroom is punctuated by an emerald green grasscloth (in a kid-friendly, wipeable vinyl) and natural woods. And the home office surrounded by stunning butterfly wallpaper is both beautiful and practical.

“Having my home office off the kitchen makes it so easy to work and cook,” Herritt said. “The fun Schumacher wallpaper and custom drapes make it easy to work in there.” 

Sutter and Herritt agree their working relationship has also been easy.

“They’re just super sweet, trusting clients that value what we do for a living. They trusted us with our design,” Sutter said. 

“Working with Hannah has just been so easy. She took our vision and made it a reality pretty seamlessly,” Herritt said. “We appreciate that she listens to our ideas when we have them whether good or bad and throws them into the designs when it works out.” 

Perhaps the best part of the redesign: The “Wearstler-Wilson baby” was delivered just in time for the Herritts to welcome home a newborn baby of their own. Funky, bold and family-friendly … the exact design the Herritts had in mind.