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Go Off the Wall at Oklahoma Contemporary

New exhibition in mixed media adds texture to creativity.

Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center is featuring a stunning new exhibition with Oklahoma artists Sarah Ahmad, romy owens and Marium Rana titled Off the Wall, featuring multi-textural art that pushes past traditional mediums. This exhibition offers a different perspective for an art-lover’s experience, as its installations are sight-responsive based. Open now, Off the Wall offers OKC a new take on conceptual artwork. 

“These artists create large-scale, immersive installations that extend into the air and explore the physical, vertical volume of the space,” said associate curator Pablo Barrera. “Each artist is working Off the Wall, creating works of art that break free from the confines of a frame. On select Thursdays, artworks will involve an interactive component, inviting viewer participation in order to complete the installation. These immersive artworks offer not only moments of contemplation, but also experiences that gesture toward the many elements — history, space, people — involved in perceiving art.”

Off the Wall represents not only Oklahoma artists, as it also showcases diverse cultural backgrounds with Rana’s South Asian heritage within her art, and Ahmad’s installation inspired by his Pakistani heritage. However, it truly separates itself from other exhibits with the vast array of materials used within each piece. 

“For Off the Wall, Ahmad, owens and Rana incorporated painting, sewing, textiles, mixed media or laser cutting tools to create stunning, site-responsive art that is untethered from the gallery walls,” said Barrera. “These artists have found installation art methods useful for co-mingling Eastern and Western visual elements, both past and present. Each artist interprets universal themes — ranging from family relationships and travel to chaos — but their styles stand as distinct distillations of human experience. Placing the works in conversation encourages visitors to reflect on how humanity can interconnect, and the interactive components highlight how perception can transform universal ideas into constantly evolving experiences.”

For more information, visit https://oklahomacontemporary.org