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Good Taste: Flip’s Gnocchi Pesto Cream

Flip’s Wine Bar and Trattoria serves up neighborliness with its gnocchi.


Flip’s Wine Bar and Trattoria on Western isn’t aiming for demure, restrained elegance in its atmosphere, because they have something they like even better: genuine camaraderie.

Their website proclaims it proudly, “We are casual, fun, high energy, sometimes loud and crazy but most importantly, accessible.” A welcoming spot for al fresco dining and good-time meeting place, its habitually packed status is a testament to its popularity among locals, although the Italian comfort cuisine might have something to do with that, as well.

The Gnocchi Pesto Cream is an ample helping of delicate little potato dumplings tossed in a rich pesto cream sauce and served on a bed of fresh spinach – it receives a little extra color, texture and savor with the addition of sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, a whisper of gorgonzola cheese and fresh basil.

Variants on this pasta have been around for millennia – we’re talking Imperial Rome – but if you want it to be good, it’s gotta be fresh. And also tender: Quality gnocchi is so synonymous with softness that it’s often described as pillowy. In fact, while shooting this, photographer Shannon Cornman described overhearing someone saying gnocchi is like “little pillows of heaven.” How can you pass up an opportunity to taste that?