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Good Taste: La Baguette’s Confit

La Baguette chef Alain Buthion serves up a summer treat from the south of France in the savory Chicken Confit Mediterranean.


First, a slightly somber reality check: It’s more than 5,000 miles from OKC to Marseille, and a round-trip flight’s going to set you back somewhere north of $900 depending on how far out you’re willing to book. In terms of dinner plans, it’s probably not on the table for this evening.

Take heart, though – the stretch of north May near Grand is much closer, comparatively speaking, and the fantastic flavors of La Belle France are waiting to be discovered at La Baguette Bistro. Chef Alain Buthion has an artist’s gift for exceptional cuisine, honed by more than 30 years of sharing his craft with OKC diners through dishes like this seasonally appropriate Chicken Confit Mediterranean.

The fabulously tender fowl is accompanied by olives, garlic, Prosciutto, shallots, tomatoes and fresh herbs for a zesty but not overly heavy flavor, and served over couscous. Or, considering the weather, try the Watermelon Gazpacho with cilantro and lump crabmeat for a refreshing blend of flavors. Alors – why not both? C’est une meal formidable … and you don’t have to cross an ocean to savor it.