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Good Taste: Othello’s

Offering Italian treats and customer creations, Othello’s remains an Edmond institution.


Success means different things to different people – wealth, family, fame, leisure, balance – but for businesses the benchmarks are a trifle more universal.

For example, when a restaurant has been operating in the same spot for 40 years, it’s a pretty good sign that they’re doing something right. Othello’s has been a Norman dining mainstay since 1977, and proved that its success wasn’t tied purely to location by opening a second spot in the heart of Edmond that’s been turning out customer satisfaction since 2000 – thus demonstrating that two of a good thing is delicious.

It’s not a polite fiction or empty corporate-speak to say Othello’s is family-owned, either: The Edmond location is helmed by Tammy and Bob Weiss with their daughters Jennifer Weiss and Nancy Meoli, and their family bond helps to make the restaurant’s atmosphere more welcoming. (The toasty fireplace helps with that, as well.)

And in fact, part of Othello’s enduring appeal is how thoroughly that community vibe extends to their customers. The menu is far from short on universal classics from stuffed mushrooms to lasagna to homemade coconut cream pie – but it’s augmented by a special section of customer creations named for their developers, such as Brenda’s Bruschetta, Don’s Rigatoni and Pat’s Special: sautéed Italian Sausage, bell peppers and onions tossed with penne in a tangy, spicy marinara.

So if you have a signature Italian concoction rattling around in your mental recipe file, this might be your big break … but you certainly don’t have to be an aspiring dish creator to enjoy the Othello’s experience. You’re practically family already.