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Good Taste: Royal Bavaria

Royal Bavaria’s decades of success – and dishes such as the rinderroulade – prove that if you build a better German restaurant, the world will beat a path to Moore.


Once upon a time, about 25 years ago, a man named Jörg Kühne looked at the sparsely populated area at 3401 S Sooner Rd in Moore and thought something along the lines of, “What this place needs is an awesome German restaurant.” And so Royal Bavaria was born.

Andy Gmeiner has been there since the beginning, first as Royal Bavaria’s executive chef and since 2007 as its owner, helping the landmark to flourish through its excellent food, festive atmosphere and truly, truly magnificent beer. They brew their own varieties on-site, in accordance with German purity laws that date back 500 years, and the results – especially the Munich Dunkel – are amazing.

I would say the beer is worth a visit all by itself, but that wouldn’t do justice to the menu packed with specialties from soup to strudel. Try the Rinderroulade, a mixture of bacon, onions, pickles and mustard rolled up in slices of Angus beef and braised until tender and savory, and for good measure add a sampler plate of their various Wursts. You can’t go wrong by adding more meat, right?

Everything is homemade and some of it takes days to create, and the final fare is worth it, especially as the weather cools and you want something hearty that sticks to your Rippen. Plus, it’s still technically Oktoberfest until Oct. 3. Prost!