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Good Taste: Saturn Grill

As the local eatery celebrates its 15th anniversary, in praise of Saturn Grill’s deliciously health-conscious variety.


OKC’s culinary landscape has come a long, long way in the last 15 years. Hundreds of restaurants have joined the city’s ranks, resulting in more options, and a better variety of more health-conscious possibilities. In the ongoing changes to the restaurant scene, however, you shouldn’t lose sight of some of the establishments that have helped enhance the community’s flavor along the way. Especially when they have as many options, and as much health consciousness, as the venerable Saturn Grill.

The original in Nichols Hills Plaza has supplied fast-casual freshness since 2002. And there’s plenty to love – I’ve been talking about local food for this magazine for years, and Saturn Grill’s Spicy Turkey is still my favorite sandwich in town. The blackened salmon sandwich isn’t far behind, and the chicken alfredo pizza is solid, as well, but the menu is more than good; it’s broad. Nearly half the entries are vegetarian. From the Roasted Veggie pizza – zucchini, red bell pepper, red onion, portobello mushroom with pesto and five blended cheeses – to a spicy pasta with vegan meatballs (soyballs?), they were dishing up healthy alternatives before it was in vogue.

The ingredients are of outstanding quality, most everything’s made fresh in-house, and the menu’s scope means something is bound to appeal to your palate. Whatever other worlds of flavor are out there, it’s worth plotting a return course to Saturn Grill from time to time – no spaceship required.