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HER 2021 Award Finalist: Dr. Jordan Morton

“When you are diagnosed with cancer, you hope you will find a doctor that fights as hard as you to help you live.

Dr. Jordan Morton

“When you are diagnosed with cancer, you hope you will find a doctor that fights as hard as you to help you live. That’s what I found with Dr. Morton. It comes as no surprise to learn that she would be recognized for her ability to empower others. She has inspired me throughout my journey by motivating me to be more educated in my treatment options, but also to be unapologetic about advocating for myself.”

Jina Tolle, Current patient 

Cancer is a thread woven through most of our stories in some way, be it through our friends, our family members, or us personally. It is one of the scariest diagnoses to receive. But having physicians like Dr. Jordan Morton on your care team can make the process less daunting, and remission more possible. 

Dr. Morton knew she wanted to be a doctor as young as age 8. After attending OSU for her undergraduate degree, studying at OU Medical School and completing her fellowship at the Stephenson Cancer Center, Morton now works in the Oncology and Hematology department at Mercy Hospital. Morton is considered one of the top blood disorders specialists in the region. In 2020, she was named the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Oklahoma Chapter Woman of the Year. She ran on behalf of a little boy in her son’s class at school who was fighting leukemia.

When Morton discusses her patients, their genuine bond is evident. In some situations it is as if she is talking about a close friend. She remembers details about their lives, hobbies, likes, and dislikes—she is fully invested in their care, and it shows. ”I’m inspired by the resilience and grit of my patients going through daunting treatments.  I’m honored to have the opportunity to build relationships with them. They inspire me to want to be a better physician,” she said.

In 2020, Dr. Morton experienced one of the most challenging years of her life. In addition to being a health care provider during a global pandemic, her mother was diagnosed with, fought, and beat advanced head and neck cancer. Morton cites her mom as her biggest influencer: “She has overcome many challenges in life, raising four children while advancing her own career. Most recently, she went through grueling treatment with such determination and strength. She is now cancer free. She has influenced me to be able to overcome hurdles in life that pale in comparison with what she has endured.”

As with many female physicians, the themes of family and motherhood run deep for Morton. “Having a healthy, loving marriage in a stable home with three beautiful children (one set of twins) has been my favorite and best personal accomplishment. Having a firm foundation at home has allowed me success in other ventures in life.”

When it comes to her career and helping residents in OKC, Morton has only just gotten started. “I do believe Oklahoma City can be a center of excellence in the care of patients with blood disorders and cancer,” she said. “We have access to the best technology and research, yet Oklahoma has some of the kindest and most humble people you will meet. It is such a unique privilege to help care for the members of the community in which I was raised.”