Hooray, (Oklahoma) Beer!

Huge, huge thanks to everyone who came out to the Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery Thursday night for our True Brew party – we do sincerely hope that you all enjoyed the show (a trfile toasty though it admittedly was) and the August issue whose release was the occasion for having a nosh, enjoying some killer music, meeting new people and sampling a panoply of Made in Oklahoma beer.

Speaking of which… even-bigger-than-that thanks to the people who helped us make the whole shebang happen: our gracious hosts at IAO, Mood Party Rentals for the furnishings, Nonna's for the supremely tasty treats, musical guests The Howard Brady Band, Callen Clarke, Peter Markes and Kyle Dillingham (I am so very sorry for you if you missed seeing him just crush "The Devil Went Down to Georgia") and the good people at Battered Boar Brewing Co., Choc Beer, COOP Ale Works, Huebert Brewing Company, Mustang Brewing Company and Redbud Brewing Company.

It was our very great pleasure to have you all over for a drink – we should do it again sometime.

STEVE GILL is unusually tall, has a B.A. in Letters and a minor in Classics from OU, drinks a great deal of coffee and openly delights in writing, editing and catching the occasional typo for Slice – especially since his dream career (millionaire layabout in a P.G. Wodehouse novel) is notoriously difficult to break into. He's probably trying to think of a joke about pirates right now.

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