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Ideal in Every Detail

The Hendersons embrace resort living at home.

Photo by Kacey Gilpin

The Hendersons embrace resort living at home. 

The striking front doors that welcome people to Michael and Carey Henderson’s Oak Tree home hint at the love, care and attention to detail that went into remodeling the home from top to bottom. 

Noted California architect Sherrill Broudy designed the doors specifically for the home when it was built in the early 1980s. They have a sunburst pattern, are hand-dipped in bronze poured over wood and stand 10 feet tall with a 5-foot transom. 

At one point, designer Kirby Foster Hurd of Kirby Home Designs and contractor Jordy Acklin of Acklin Construction weren’t sure the doors could be restored because they were in such bad shape. 

Photo by Kacey Gilpin

“We brought them back to life,” Hurd said. “The detail in those doors — you just don’t see anything like it these days.” 

The door project reflects how the entire renovation progressed, with Hurd, Acklin and the Hendersons working in sync to transform the three-bedroom, five-bathroom home into a modern, eclectic one that unearthed its original beauty. For them, it is perfect for family living and entertaining. 

“How cool it was to bring something like that back to life and having a customer that saw the value in it,” Acklin said. “It was quite the process, but it really turned out great.”

When visitors walk through the front doors, through the foyer and into the living space, the home’s bay windows showcase sweeping views of the Oak Tree National golf course, including ponds and sand traps. They can even watch golf tournaments from a deck area off the second floor, and a putting green is installed on the side of the house, reflecting the owners’ love for golf and their work in the golf business. 

Photo by Kacey Gilpin

Carey and Michael Henderson own The Golf Club of Edmond, and he was a PGA tour member. Their 15-year-old son, Colt, is also an avid golfer. They love to entertain and host friends, as well as just relax and enjoy the views.

Overall, the home now has a mid-century, Palm Springs-inspired design, painted white in front to reflect the coastal look, Michael Henderson said.

“We wanted to take it back to the way it was” when it was built, he said. “We wanted to maximize the views, maximize the light and add a very contemporary feel. But we also wanted it to be one with the golf course, one with the environment.”

The Hendersons wanted to give their home a luxury resort and spa feel. They travel a lot and named two specific hotels that inspired some of their home’s style: The Dominick in New York’s Soho District and ARIA Resort in Las Vegas. 

Photo by Kacey Gilpin

“Our main vision was that when you walked in, it was kind of like a vacation,” Carey Henderson said. “It’s just it’s an extremely peaceful, beautiful space.”

Throughout the remodel, each area presented challenges that made the project fun for Acklin and Hurd to work on with the Hendersons. These creative challenges in turn added interesting and beautiful features to the finished home, and included:

  • A fireplace in the living room that runs the entire height of the two-story house. They hung porcelain tile and cowhide from the Austin, Texas, rug company Kyle Bunting on the fireplace sides.
  • A wide, metal spiral staircase that required some brainstorming to make it design-friendly. 
  • A backlit bar backsplash made from Cambria quartz in the Myddleton stone color. The light panel behind it has about 12 panels, each with around 1,000 light bulbs that can change colors and brightness, depending on the mood. 

Hanging a giant piece of stone and getting it to light up was “incredibly complex,” Acklin said, but that made it fun for both Hurd and Acklin as they worked together to turn their wild design ideas into reality. 

A kitchen that needed work to correct sagging and slope concerns due to heavy upper floors and issues with the original design. Previous owners had fixed the stability, but not the slope, Acklin said, so the ceiling needed leveling. Also, the marble-covered floating vent hood custom-made by Young Brothers weighs about 500 pounds, which required additional teamwork to design and hang it. 

“It took a while and a lot of problem-solving. But we made 500 pounds float,” Acklin said.

Photo by Kacey Gilpin

The Hendersons’ resort vision continues outside with plenty of deck space for lounging around the pool. Edmond Deck and Patio did most of the work on the patio and deck, Studio Simmons designed the pool and Pleasant Pools installed it.

Another fun part for Hurd in designing the home was working with the two powder bathrooms, which she referred to as light and dark. The light powder bath includes battery-powered custom roman shades, marble floors in a triangle pattern and marbled wallpaper from Kasa Wallpaper in Oklahoma City. For the dark one, she went with a moody and angular look that included geometric wallpaper.

“Every angle in the bathroom I wanted to be interesting,” Hurd said. 

In fact, interesting features grab attention throughout the whole house. 

“There’s so much to this house. It’s so unbelievable that they had the vision of what this house could be,” Hurd said of the Hendersons. “This is an unbelievable transformation.” 

The Hendersons are “a testament to trusting the process, trusting the team that you have,” Acklin said. “So much of what you’re looking at is on-the-fly decisions and harebrained ideas on site together … We were a team.” 

Carey Henderson said she and her husband had fun with the project and working with Hurd and Acklin. “They were great at implementing our vision and taking it full circle,” she said. 

Photo by Kacey Gilpin