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Iron Rose Salon Owner Misti Byrd’s Go-To Industry Tool

As Iron Rose Salon celebrates 10 years in business, owner Misti Byrd shares her go-to tool of choice in the salon.

Iron Rose Salon owner Misti Byrd celebrates 10 years this year as a salon owner, now employing 15 people in her salon designed to allow employees and patrons alike to be themselves. And, all the while, she’s cutting hair with high-carbon Japanese steel Hanzo Shears as her go-to tool of choice in her salon.

Owner Misiti Byrd’s salon, Iron Rose Salon, jams out to its own punk rock rules. From the murals painted by local artists adorning every wall inside and most of them outside to the dress-as-you-want, come-as-you-are attitude, Iron Rose Salon is designed to be a place that is a respite for those just wanting to be their authentic selves.

“I just wanted something different,” Byrd said. “I wanted a place where I could dress how I want, to sell stuff if I wanted to, and just not have this box where I had to be a certain something. And I wanted that for the girls that worked for me. I kind of consider Iron Rose to be a punk rock salon because we really are truly our authentic selves. We just are who we are.”

Iron Rose Salon owner Misti Byrd holds her go-to industry tool.
Photo by Logan Walcher

Nothing was handed to Byrd along the way, either. She said she grew up in poverty and never went to a salon herself growing up. After dropping out of high school, she said she had 30 jobs before landing as a receptionist in a salon. The salon owner encouraged her to go to cosmetology school, and she worked for 10 years before opening her own salon. Iron Salon has been in business now for a decade and employs 15 people. “It really has kind of grown into its own,” she said.

Byrd swears by Hanzo Shears, which are made with certified Japanese steel and are an industry favorite. With new Hanzo Shears costing hundreds for each pair, it’s an investment in the business. But, it’s also a mark of how far she’s come.

“When I first started doing hair, I bought a pair of used Honzos for $40, and I used those for 15 years,” she said. “They’re great blades. I have had them sharpened a few times, but they’re really great and they last forever. “But, this last time I bought two pairs of shears I spent $1,700. They are very expensive, if you buy them new. But those shears will last me the rest of my career.”