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Knockout Jewelry

  Statement-making jewelry delivers quite the punch this year.

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Statement-making jewelry delivers quite the punch this year. Whether bold or delicate, it plays with texture, shape and color. Often its sparkle can compete with a star-filled night, although sometimes its simplicity is surprisingly stunning.

Jewelry is personal, reflecting the wearer’s mood and style. It can be the finishing touch to an outfit, a final piece or set that adds polish and subtle interest or unexpectedly bold, dramatic flair.

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Necklaces range from thick collars to short and chunky gold link styles to long dainty layers, often accented with charms, crystals or gemstones. Pretty pearls are everywhere. Hoop earrings hang with chandelier and ’80s-inspired oversized gold options. Polished gold seems to be a general favorite, or choose color for added interest. Thin, stackable rings are versatile and can be worn on every finger. Wrists are wrapped in chain bracelets and skinny or wide cuffs. Heirloom looks are big, too. Look in your jewelry box for something you might have worn years ago; or raid your mom’s or grandmother’s collection.

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When it comes to jewelry, some believe less is more. But sometimes more is, well, a lot more fun. So layer on those necklaces and bracelets. Dress up your fingers. Make a statement.

Photography: Shevaun Williams
Model: Desiree Sandersfield, Brink Model Management
Hair and makeup: Sharon Tabb
Location: Western Avenue Boxing Gym

Diamond and precious gemstone jewelry, along with turquoise earrings, from Naifeh Fine Jewelry, 6471 Avondale,

Rings, bracelets and shoulder-grazing crystal earrings from CK & Co., 6429 Avondale,

Layers of eye-catching necklaces and bracelets with oversize earrings from Eden, 2924 Paseo,