Leading the 21st Century Odyssey

Daniel Seddiqui begins fourth journey across the U.S.


For those who have ever worried about what their future may hold, stress no longer, as the adventures of
Daniel Seddiqui prove that one path isn’t for everyone. As a graduate of the University of Southern
California turned feature of ABC, USA Today, NBC and more, Seddiqui searched for jobs relentlessly.
Consistently met with rejection, Seddiqui took a creative and curious route, rather than turn his hunt for
work into frustration.

With a taste for travel and exploration, he began his first journey across America, where he would work
one job in all 50 states in a 50-week period. Breaching the finish line successfully, Seddiqui was able to
live a multitude of lifetimes in the span of a single year. As a “ roustabout in Ringwood, Oklahoma,
a cheesemaker in Wisconsin, a coal miner in West Virginia, and a logger in Oregon,” he was able to stay
with “diverse families and engage with all types of cultures.”

Seddiqui’s opportunistic outlook on life led him to experience yet another journey, calling it Going the
Extra Mile. With this newfound expedition, Daniel Seddiqui sought out to find solutions to communities
that were challenged with specific epidemics. Searching for a hands-on experience, he went to the
“Mississippi Delta to train the most obese town for a 5k road race, and worked at an after-school
program in Southside Chicago for gang prevention.”

While many dedicate their lives to one cause, Seddiqui exemplified his desire to assist others by learning
about poverty, gathering produce with migrant field workers, and counseling students for their career
path. With the end of his second national experience, Seddiqui went on yet again to engage in diverse
cultural practices and events to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and appreciate the
different walks of life in America.

Now, Seddiqui will embark on a fourth journey to learn about the unique craftsmanship within 65 of
America’s largest cities. Oklahoma City is lucky enough to host Seddiqui’s genius, as he plans to create
a “serving tray from restored train carts in the Stockyards to reflect the history of trains and cattle.” The
final product will be crafted at the Boxcar Woody Lumber Store. As Daniel Seddiqui works to make his
wife and 5-month-old daughter proud, his goal is to form a travel business to give others the outstanding
opportunities that have come his way. He stated it best: “When we are curious about one another,
understand their circumstances, passions, and values, we build on compassion and respect.”

To learn more, visit https://www.livingthemap.com



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