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Makin’ Bacon

A tempting new restaurant concept from Sean Cummings


Local restaurateur Sean Cummings has a new concept for a restaurant opening soon, and for those who like bacon, this is the place to be.

Simply called “Bacon,” the new restaurant has a targeted opening date in the first week of March.

“We came up with the idea to do bacon from some customers who made their own bacon,” Cummings says. “We would talk for hours about smoking techniques, brines, slathers to add flavor. Then we realized anyone around us would always join in. It seemed to be the perfect equalizer; everyone had some knowledge to bring to the table.”

Cummings said that for months, his team has been trying everything from bacon ice cream to habanero bacon jerky.

“It was just a blast for all of us to play around and see what we could come up with,” he says. “It’s been really fun.”

Bacon will open in the space next door to Cummings’ wife Cathy’s legendary Italian eatery Vito’s, 7521 N. May Avenue.

Some menu items will include house-smoked jalapenos stuffed with chicken and bacon, then wrapped in bacon and seared, as well as bacon-wrapped meatloaf, bacon grits with grilled chicken and sausage and four-cheese mac-n-cheese with trumpet noodles and smoked bacon.

“Then there’s the ‘PBLT’ sandwich,” Cummings smiles. “It’s my favorite, with smoked pork belly, lettuce and tomato. We hope to see everyone for the grand opening in a couple of weeks, so bring your appetites!”