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OKC Zoo’s New Expansion Plans

More animals and more fun for everyone!

Giraffe feeding in Oklahoma City Zoo's Expedition Africa.

Look forward to an even better zoo experience with news of the beloved OKC Zoo and Botanical Garden’s new expansion. The zoo is a place for people to come together and have fun, while getting the experience of seeing animals from all around the world. With the new expansion, the OKC Zoo is giving the community more to see with a more accessible atmosphere. 

The new plans include a reptile and amphibian preserve with indoor and outdoor exhibits . The zoo is even bringing in animals new to the OKC Zoo, such as African Penguins, California sea lions and harbor seals with a unique marine mammal habitat called “Shore to Sea” to house them in.

Oklahoma City Zoo’s Expedition Africa Entrance.

With the new additions, the zoo is also adding extra touches to the exhibits that we see today. Oklahoma Trails, Great EscApe and Children’s Zoo will partake in renovations.

This $115M to $230M project is set to be open to the public in 2027. It will cover 3.5 acres in the eastern section of the park and will overlook Zoo Lake. Fundraising and other tax funding has helped make this possible.

Flamingoes at Oklahoma City Zoo.

The zoo is open from 9AM-5PM on Sunday through Saturday. Adult tickets are $16 and Children and Seniors tickets are $13. View the website to buy tickets or become a zoofriend for extra perks!

View the Oklahoma City Zoo website at https://www.okczoo.org/ or follow @okczoo on social media for more information and updates on these projects!

Spotted Hyena at Oklahoma City Zoo.