OKC’s Parc Lane Co. Offers Style for All Sizes

Powerhouse fashion for plus-size customers
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Photos by: Jacey Rae Sikes Photography

While Oklahoma offers a variety of clothing stores that keep up with the latest trends, there’s no question about the lack of plus-size boutiques catering to women who want equal opportunities to show out in the most Parclanecojj 15fabulous fashion. Sisters Jessica and Jenn Thompson tackled this obstacle with the creation of Parc Lane Co., a shopping experience dedicated to dressing plus-sized women to the nines in an uplifting environment. 

“We began talking about opening a plus-size boutique back in 2017,” said co-owner Jessica Thompson. “It never seemed like the right time in our different seasons of life. We finally began after we decided there is no time like the present to live out your purpose. As plus-size women, we are intentional about the clothing we offer to our customers. Often, plus-size women are an afterthought and it is hard to find quality pieces.” 

To find a solution for this ever-pressing issue, the sisters worked to create Parc Lane Co. with a celebration for all body types in mind. “We aim to provide a space for plus-size women to feel empowered to be beautiful in their bodies for every occasion, curves and all,” said Thompson. “There are so many spaces where plus-size women are stereotyped and battle preconceived notions. We want Parc Lane Co. to be a place where women feel at home no matter what.”

Inspiration for the fashionable boutique came from the harsh restrictions and harmful ideals of society’s beauty standards. “We learned what not to do from the outside world,” said Thompson. “While leggings and oversized tops are the bee’s knees, we know women want more, and that is okay! Honoring our curves is liberating and we want every woman to experience it.”

The future of Parc Lane Co. resides in the sisters’ creative genius, as they plan to offer personal styling services for individuals. “Fashion is threaded throughout every part of our lives,” said Thompson. “We love curated looks from casual to dressy for any person. An outfit is more than just clothes; it is your first impression, confidence-giving and empowers you to enter the room with your best foot forward.” 

To sum up the mission of Parc Lane Co., Thompson said: “We never want our customers to allow someone to make them feel indifferent about their body because they don’t fit into someone else’s idea of beauty. Your body deserves to be honored and celebrated even when you don’t feel like it. You are more than a number on a tag. Empower your curves. Period.”

For more information, visit parclaneco.com.

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