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Participate in Our How Local Are You Quiz


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Screen Shot 2021 10 28 At 112208 PmLocal. It’s a loaded word, but for me, it is more of a mindset. Do you love your neighborhood? Do you reinvest in your community? Do you make a conscious effort to support people and places that make your city special? Do you volunteer your time and your talents to help your town?

I’ve moved around a lot and lived in every time zone in this country, so claiming to be “local” makes me feel like a bit of a poser. Even now, our friends and family stretch from coast to coast. But the reality is, I deeply love Oklahoma City. It’s where we’ve chosen to grow roots and raise our family. When they remember their childhood and hometown, it will be here. Clothes stained with red dirt, singing the lyrics to the Oklahoma state song in school, arts festivals in the summer, sporting events in the fall … what lovely memories they will have one day.

For those of you who take the word local literally and pride yourself in knowing your city like the back of your hand, this is YOUR moment to shine! For our cover feature this month, our team of writers collaborated and created a 9-part quiz revolving around iconic OKC landmarks, imagery, history, people and places. Test your knowledge of The Big Friendly and—I genuinely mean this—tell us how you did! As a lifelong magazine lover, the quizzes have always been my favorite part. We hope you have as much fun participating in this section as a kid marking up a Highlights magazine at the doctor’s office.

So grab your pen, snuggle up at your favorite small biz coffee shop, take in the beautiful changing colors of fall and answer the question: “How Local Are You?” Enjoy!


Julie Partin, Editor in Chief

Click this link (How Local Are You Quiz) to download the quiz! To get points in the Painting the Town Mural Challenge, Okies Everywhere Word Search, the Great State Crossword Puzzle, and OKC Bingo grab your own copy of the November issue HERE  or flip through it digitally.