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Philanthropy Opportunities in Oklahoma City

Everyone can do a little good.

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Everyone can do a little good. Pick up trash. Open a door. Drop a dollar in a fundraising jar. These personal actions are inarguably good—but what if we lend our efforts to an organization that specializes in changing and saving lives? What if we combine our talents, resources, and voices to champion those in the most vulnerable situations? Imagine the good that could happen in our community then

Individually, we can do good. Together, we can do better. Oklahoma City is overflowing with generous groups—too many to list them all. However, we have highlighted a few local gems at the links below, along with their greatest needs. 

Children In Need

Animals & Wildlife

Individuals Without Homes

Health & Wellness

We hope you discover a nonprofit that inspires you to do a little good this season, and, perhaps, recruit a few friends to do a little more.