Phyllis Maxey: Beyond the Veil?

Phyllis Maxey: Beyond the Veil?

OKC psychic Phyllis Maxey discusses meeting new people wherever she goes – at least, the spirits they’ve left behind.


This time of year, thoughts often turn to ghosts and goblins and things not of this world. But OKC resident Phyllis Maxey gets into the Halloween spirit every day of the year – not because she loves the holiday so much; because she regularly communicates with the spirit world.

It’s a gift Maxey said she has had a long as she can remember. Whether she’s called a psychic, a medium or an energy worker, the bottom line is her avowed ability to communicate with the other side.

“I can hear the spirits and having them around me all the time is normal to me,” she says. “It’s not a shock, it is not intrusive, it just is.”

Maxey said she is always connected to the spirit world, just as connected as she is to the physical world around her.

“When I’m working with a client, that is when I actually see and feel the spirit side come through and speak through me. That way the spirits, through me, can guide the client to what they need to know and do, and this is where I do channeling.”

And no one is ever truly alone, Maxey said.

“When you enter a room with 10 people, for example, you also may end up with 40 spirits trying to communicate with their living people,” she said. “Not all the spirits acknowledge me. But I do end up getting a sense of what those living people are going through and dealing with.”

Not all spirits are like Casper the Friendly Ghost, nor are they all screaming “Go into the light, Carol Anne.” Most are just the run-of-the-mill person whose energy has shifted, and they are simply trying to communicate with or help their loves ones still on Earth.

“Just like humans, not all sprits or beings are created equally,” Maxey says. “If a spirit scares me, I turn to my spirit guides and they give me the answer I need to help me get through it.”

These days, Maxey said, she finds people are more enlightened and open to new thoughts and ideas. As a result, people are no longer afraid of mediums, and she can grow her gifts – because she feels that she can now share them with others.

“I feel some people are built to deal with the spirit world when they are born,” she says. “And others are there to live their human lives and have a spiritual connection through their religion or the divine, and that’s how they connect with the spirit world.”

And what about the skeptics?

“A lot of people don’t want to know or understand the other side,” she admits. “But if I have a skeptic as a client, I have never seen them leave still being a skeptic. At the same time, I will not go up to anyone who is a skeptic and try to change their minds. If they don’t ask, I don’t tell. I have very strong boundaries between myself and others. I have clients from all walks of life, from nuns to lawyers and everything in between. And I am happy to share my gift with those who need me.”