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Red Carpet Ready

Glamour comes easiest to those who are prepared; with these suggestions and a healthy dose of confidence, you’ll always be ready for your close-up.

There are those certain occasions that call for stepping things up a notch. In order to look your best, stock your dressing area with some new essentials and consider a few tips and tricks from those who know what looking great is all about.


Tricks of the Trade

from Timothy Fields, Slice Magazine’s fashion guru

Don’t Meet Head On
Find your body’s most flattering silhouette by posing in front of a full-length mirror. Take a clue from Paris Hilton: put a hand on your hip and turn sideways into the person with whom you’re being photographed – instant weight loss! Avoid having photos taken straight-on at all costs.

Be Prepared
Keep more than your lipstick in your evening bag. Throw in some mints, a Band-Aid or two and a threaded needle (in a color that matches your dress) in case of a wardrobe failure.

Take theHigh Road
Flats won’t cut it! If you can’t handle a stiletto, try a wedge or a thicker heel. Save the flats for, well… your car.

Less is More
This is not the time to go crazy; save that makeup trend you’ve been dying to try for another time. No need to put on every piece of jewelry you own, either. Keep it simple: if you’re wearing earrings, add a bracelet; if you’re wearing a big necklace, forego earrings and add a cocktail ring.

It’s a Fine Line…
…between sexy and slutty. Avoid showing too much skin; play up one feature and not all of them. If wearing a high slit, avoid a plunging neckline. Backless dress? Then keep the hemline down. Avoid the dreaded panty line with a properly fitted bra and Spanx.