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Season’s Greenings

Social Greenery supplies cheer conveniently and sustainably.

Photo by Oakes Creative House

Social Greenery supplies cheer conveniently and sustainably.

Nothing else quite encapsulates the spirit and scent of Christmas like a live evergreen tree in your home. Decorated with lights and meaningful ornaments and surrounded by gifts, it can be a beautiful centerpiece for your family’s special holiday memories.

But what happens when the tree has outlived its purpose? The Sierra Club estimates 25 million to 30 million live Christmas trees are purchased each year in the U.S. Millions end up in landfills, where they take up space and slowly biodegrade.

Photo by Oakes Creative House

One Oklahoma-based company is working to extend the life of your Christmas tree beyond Dec. 26, and make holiday magic convenient for busy families. Social Greenery is an eco-friendly gifting and gathering company focused on bringing joyful, sustainable experiences directly to 405 residents. It offers living, potted Christmas tree rentals for winter celebrations, as well as succulent potting kits and bars for weddings and special events.

In the traditional Christmas tree industry, trees begin in the ground, are cut down and sold to consumers and then end up above ground in the landfill. Social Greenery inverts that model entirely. 

“Our trees begin above ground, planted in pots,” said owner Sue Ringus. “They go to your home (still planted in pots), and they end up planted in the ground after Christmas. Christmas in your home is just the beginning of their journey; our trees enjoy a decades-long life of purifying our air and beautifying our planet.”

Ringus was a Social Greenery customer, and purchased the business in 2018.

“What attracted me was that I really love this idea of having something that is significant and memorable at the holidays that is also a choice you could feel good about,” she said. 

Social Greenery clients can browse a selection of Christmas trees online before scheduling a delivery time and any extras, including pre-lit trees, then the living tree will be delivered already planted and rooted in a pot. 

Don’t worry if you have a brown thumb; watering instructions and a pitcher are provided, too. 

After Christmas, the company picks up the tree and donates it to a local nonprofit organization that will ensure it gets planted in the ground or otherwise recycled.

“We want to show joy and beauty and wonder to the people we love around the holidays, but it’s a lot of work,” Ringus said. “If we can lighten the load, we can create that magic for our clients’ families. It’s really something special.”

Photo by Oakes Creative House