Square Deal

September 28, 50 Penn Place, 1900 Northwest Expressway, OKC, 879.2400, 12x12okc.org

To raise funds for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s creative agenda, 150 of Oklahoma’s finest artists are putting their best square feet forward. Accompanied by local restaurants’ creations and live music, the annual 12 x 12 event is a one-night-only showcase and sale of artistic treasures… so long as those works are no more than 12 inches on a side. All the pieces on display are available for purchase via blind and silent auction, meaning that guests who are daring and fortunate can net some impressive bargains; and guests who are determined to take home a specific piece can avail themselves of the “Buy It Now” price to bypass the auction process. Competition for these small wonders can be stiff: last year over 1,000 aesthetes attended the show, helping OVAC expand creative boundaries throughout the state.

Categories: Culture & Events