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Stylish Getaway Gear

Luggage that carries along style and convenience for the long haul.


Summer means travel, and travel means baggage. Not the emotional type, the “pack your bags and let’s get the heck out of here” kind. Both the long weekend and the week-long vacation will have you in need of some type of luggage, so why not go in style? From the hardcore and heavy duty to the cute and stylish, here are some possibilities for about every kind of trip you can imagine. Happy trails and safe travels!


(clockwise from left)

Peace Love World wheeled suitcase, from Kambers, $200  |  Day Trekr by Mosaic leather duffel, from Kambers, $199.99  |  Kayla leather tote, from Anthropologie, OKC, $298


(left to right)

Velocity backpack duffel, from Kambers, OKC, $70  |  Pathfinder Gear high performance duffel, from Kambers, $170


(pictured above from top)

Merrimon Weekender, from Anthropologie, $148  Pink stripe carryall, from Kambers, $37.50 |  Majolica Weekender, from Anthropologie, $158