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Sweet Dreams

As if extracting oneself from the bed weren’t difficult enough, Kyle Woolbright and Betsy Colton have recently upped the ante.

As if extracting oneself from the bed weren’t difficult enough, Kyle Woolbright and Betsy Colton – the Oklahoma City area’s foremost haberdashers of exclusive linens and other fine bedding appointments – have recently upped the ante. Now happily tucked into its sunny new location in Wilshire Village (where North Western Avenue meets Wilshire), KS Design has expanded its offerings of sumptuous linens, which include cheery Ann Gish pillows, Yves Delorme European luxury linens, lovely textiles from Matteo and even several children’s bedding designs from Pine Cone Hill.

Several new lines of bath accessories have also been a fortunate by-product of the boutique’s larger space, and while the focus remains squarely on the finest in bedding, that won’t save you from the seductive powers of heavenly Cameo de Seda France candles perched upon incredibly cool nightstands in vignettes that feature design-forward lamps and other take-me-home must-haves.

Collections at KS Design include custom bedding and a store inventory that runs the gamut from precious silks and linens (read: no dogs, no kids, husband is practically Niles Crane) to the very durable, everyday bedding that can withstand impromptu pedicures, a couple of bowls of Cocoa Puffs and the occasional muddy paws.

Both Woolbright and Colton are Oklahoma natives. Woolbright’s retail background is a natural extension of her degrees in fashion merchandising and finance. Before becoming part owner, Colton was an employee whose love of the store evolved into an investment in ownership.

“If anything should be beautiful, relaxing, comfortable and functional, it’s the bed. A beautiful bed is a work of art.”

A Few Favorites

We asked Kyle Woolbright and Betsy Colton to pick three of their most-loved store treasures. In no particular order, they are:

Yves Delorme bedding for its durability – it’s machine-washable as well.

Ann Gish pillows for accessorizing a bed with color, shape and texture.

Matteo bedding for its casual, classic look and feel.